Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cats Illustration Print

                                                                   We Are Friends

Do you think you feed birds first and then you also turn to bird watching? Or vice versa? These two cats feed the birds every day and purr with their eyes closed while the birds sing.

This past winter we fed the birds quite alot and are still feeding them. Woodpeckers, Cardinals, chickadees, and finch. They deserve it and help keep the garden pesticide free! We bird watch out the kitchen window. No need for binoculars as they are so close. 

The lilac buds and leaves are opening a little. Yay! The mourning doves always make a nest in one of the lilac shrubs. They are a maze of branches. Their nests are not as neat as the little grass ones other birds  make, but they do hatch out their babies nicely. The Mother and her baby snuggle and then comes flying lessons. . There's not a refrigerator or stove but Baby is well fed on the catch of the hour/day. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Chicks Spring Party

All of the sweet babes of Spring. Especially little yellow powder puffs. Chicks.

Little chirps and little baaah's and it's a bit like Old McDonald's farm. So many little calves dot the pastures. Lambs jump and run along with the kid goats. Geese are still laying eggs but soon the nests will be full and then little heads peeping out from under Mother Goose's wings. . So many wonders this time of year. Saw the cutest pics of baby chicks that Martha ordered from My Pet Chicken on Martha Stewart's blog .   

I really paint my childhood and the things I liked then pretty much remained the same. Gardening, flowers and animals. There is such freedom in children's art and illustrations. I can truly say I love my job! 

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scottie ACEO Illustrations

It's that time of year that makes our hearts beat a little faster. The early daffodils are blooming. Tulips
are up and the cheery red noses of Peonies are showing! The iris are sharpening their small sword leaves with each other and happiness is in the air.Good bye Winter.

A little Scottie dog aceo painting love. Not just any Scottie. He is a horticulturist quite schooled in the ways of plants and all of their phenomenal attributes.I will undoubtedly learn much from him this Spring. Scottie Horticulturist is for sale on Etsy. 

We have two red foxes that circle the farm morning, noon and night. It's amazing how afraid of humans they are yet they lay low waiting for chickens to fly the coop. We have some that are free ranging, but there are a select few who think they are mountain climbers. Fearless. Those we keep try to keep a close eye on when they are out. Chickens are the best grasshopper eaters around. They can also pulverize your garden in hours so there is a delicate balance to be kept.

Grow on flowers, trees and shrubs! That message is not for the pesky weeds. . .   .